Pamela Hale’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Littleton

Pamela Hale’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Littleton

It’s a great time to sell Littleton real estate. Home prices are continuing to rise, and most homes will receive multiple offers. Most homes will go under contract within a couple of weeks after going on the market, but some sellers will agree to a deal less than a week after they list their homes for sale. Perhaps you’re thinking about putting your home up for sale, and you’re wondering what you can do to raise your chances of success. You’ll find plenty of helpful home selling tips in this article that will help you earn top dollar for your property.

Choose an asking price for your home

Obviously, you don’t want to price your home too low and risk walking away from closing with less money than you could have potentially made. You also want to avoid the temptation to price your home for more than you think it’s worth. Some people will tell you that it only takes one interested buyer at a higher price point to make more for your sale than what you thought was possible. The issue is that your home must appraise for a fair market price in order for your buyer to secure the necessary funding from their lender. If your home doesn’t appraise, you may have to decrease your price or ask the buyer to put more money down in the down payment.

You can avoid these types of issues by using the information from a Comparative Market Analysis to determine a fair market price for your home. This report explains what similar properties in your area have sold for in recent months. This information is a key point of consideration during the appraisal process, and you’ll want to weigh it as you think about the best asking price for your home. You’ll also want to keep in mind how other market factors, such as the number of homes available at a similar price point, impact the best listing price for your home. Remember that sellers often filter their searches at maximum prices, so it’s wise to avoid pricing your home slightly above a round number such as $600,000.

Do a few small upgrades

If you’re not planning to put your home on the market immediately, you still have time to take on a few small projects that can increase your ROI and help your home stand out on the market. One way to determine what work needs to be done is to look at other homes on the market for a similar price. Buyers who are considering your home will probably consider these properties as well, and it’s important to make sure your home is well positioned to compete effectively with these other listings. As you look at other homes for sale, pay attention to trends and patterns that you see developing. For example, if all homes priced similarly to yours have upgraded kitchen appliances and yours are still original to the home, buyers will notice, and they may decide to look elsewhere. If you don’t notice any deficiencies in your home, but you still want to make some improvements, you can think about which projects offer the best return. Lately, sellers have seen the greatest ROI from minor kitchen and bathroom upgrades along with anything that improves a home’s energy efficiency.

Strategically plan when you’ll list your home

You can make more money for your home simply by thinking critically about the season, day of the week, and time of day when you’ll bring your listing to market. Most sellers find that late spring and early summer is the best time to list a home for sale. Buyers are more active during this time for a number of reasons, including the return of tax refunds and the end of the school year. The market stays active through the summer before slowing down in the fall. Usually, December through February is the toughest time to sell a home. Avoid these months if you can.

Most people believe that Thursday is the best day of the week to list a home. Putting your home on the market on Thursday keeps you visible to people who shop for homes during the week after work. If someone only looks at new listings on the weekends, you still won’t be too far down the list of new properties when they login to shop for homes on Friday or Saturday. Since most people know that Thursday is a great day to list a home, you’ll often see the market flooded with new properties early Thursday morning. Since most people don’t check for new listings until after the workday ends, you’ll have a better chance of success if you put your home on the market later in the afternoon. Aim to publish your listing around 5 pm rather than first thing in the morning.

Take marketing and staging seriously

Good marketing ensures that you’ll schedule plenty of in-person showings or have a well-attended open house. Staging will improve the in-person experience and motivate buyers to make competitive offers. Your realtor will have key insight in both of these areas, but two easy steps to take that will help you get started are to take down personal pictures and put up a “for sale” sign in your yard. These steps may sound elementary, but they will make a huge difference as you are getting started.

Work with an expert realtor

Pamela Hale is an expert when it comes to selling Littleton real estate. She has spent years serving clients in the area. During that time, she has learned a great deal about how to successfully market, stage, and show homes to the best of their abilities. She cares deeply for her clients and takes great pride in helping each person move towards their real estate goals. Reach out to Pamela when you’re ready to move forward with selling your Littleton home. She will be more than happy to assist you however she can.

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